‘Hey Disney’ is a custom voice assistant coming to Echo devices in 2022

Amazon and Disney announced a custom voice assistant called Hey Disney that’s going to be available on Echo devices installed at Walt Disney resort locations, piggybacking on the skills of Alexa. Unlike Amazon’s in-house assistant, Hey Disney is ultimately used for customer service inquiries, helping Disney World or Disneyland visitors find answers to park-specific questions. Disney says this new wake word will “make the Alexa experience more magical.”

There was no onstage demo of the assistant, but it seems like it’ll work as you might expect it to. By saying “Hey Disney,” you can ask it questions like “what time does the park open?”, “where can I get Italian food?”, or use it to request more blankets for your resort room.

The Hey Disney custom voice assistant is also available to people who aren’t staying in Disney parks. Amazon says it can provide jokes, fun facts, and over 1,000 “magical interactions” presented by Disney characters.

The skill will be launched in 2022, and a price hasn’t been shared yet. It’ll be complimentary for people staying at Disney parks, but you’ll need to pay to put it on your own Echo device. But if you want to get your home ready for Hey Disney, you can check out OtterBox’s new Mickey accessory for the Echo Show 5. It’s available for preorder now for $24.99.